Pinky and the Brain

Some of you smiled at that title…admit it!

Pinky and the Brain

Best criminal duo ever!

This week we had to locate at least two blogs or online journals that dealt with the brain and learning.  I poured over a number of blogs and came up with two that approach the subject in different ways.  One focuses on the real world implications of course design while the other addresses learning from a neurological approach.

Elliott Masie learning trends is a blog attached to the Elliott Masie learning center.  This slick and corporate looking website feels very commercial which initially dissuaded me.  But as I looked at some of the titles of his many blog posts I began to explore what this man has done and appreciate his views on learning.  One example is his written comparison of rapid skill development compared with time honored methods of building competency.  His example is a movie about 85 year old Jiro Ono, probably the best sushi chef in the world.  Between the Youtube clip and Mr. Masie’s brief analysis you can imagine your own educational goals, what you would sacrifice, and the route that you should take.  Mr. Masie also spends a great deal of effort to explain why he develops and presents in a certain way.  While the site is not directly about learning and the brain, you can see many of the neurological principles covered in the reading material.

Elliott Masie’s Learning Trends

The second site is a collection of well written commentaries about recent studies in neurolearning .  Much of the information is aimed at diagnosing and helping dyslexic students, but the information is interesting nonetheless and may give a glimpse into how the student’s mind works.  Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide contribute to the site with material from a number of universities and private interviews.  If you are looking for functional anatomical reasons for learning, I recommend spending some quiet time reviewing what the good doctors have posted.

Eide Neurolearning Blog

Let me know what you think!  Until next week, stay safe!


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