Building an online learning environment

Creating a distance education program can be an excellent addition to the corporate training environment.  The ability to reach out to employees and provide educational materials round the clock can have a significant impact on training and certification.  The challenge is to create a program that can meet the needs of the students and trainers while also meeting corporate goals.

The assignment this week was to provide our fictional training manager some guidance on how to setup his online educational environment.  This is all based on the fact that he is “frustrated by quality of communication among trainees in his face-to-face sessions” (Walden, n.d.).  I approached this by first advising the manager to evaluate why he was having communication issues in the classroom.  If his ability to foster communication in the classroom is limited, then just moving everything online is not going to help.  He needs to take the time to determine where the basic instructional problem lies and address that first.

Let us assume though, that has already been addressed and he is proceeding with his plan.  The next steps focus on determining who his learners are and what their capabilities are, what technological needs he will have, and how his content will be designed.  Finally, a few wise words are provided that will hopefully guide him in the creation of his environment.

Converting to an online environment


Walden University (n.d.).  Application:  Converting to a distance learning format.  Retrieved August 18, 2013 from



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